13th Logo(

September 4, 1994-January 17, 1997, 1998-2004)

Nickname: "Nick Atom"

Logo: Over a black background, we see an orange atom surrounded by three purple, yellow-green, and blue particles; flying from the top right to the bottom left. It flies to the center and turns to reveal "NICKELODEON". The copyright info is shown below. On All That and Kenan and Kel, the logo cuts to the Nickelodeon Studios logo.

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show, or silent, as in the case of All That. On at least one episode of All That, the buzzing sound from the Nickelodeon Productions logo was used, possibly due to an editing error.

Availability: First used as a Nickelodeon station ID. It appeared on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, season 2-3 episodes of All That and season 1 of Kenan and Kel. This logo also appeared on the rarely seen Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal, which last aired on Nick in 2004.

Scare Factor: None.